Arrived in Vilamoura Saturday evening, so it’s really only been one (tired) day here so far. So that’s the first impression.

It’s absolutely fantastic weather. Yesterday it was about 26-28 degrees, bright blue sky and bright sun. I started the day with a short walk to the nearest grocery store. It was hot to walk in the sun already before 9 o’clock. Then it was pool hanging the next whole day, both in sun and shade. Lunch at the pool bar and a short bus ride down to the marina in the evening for a good dinner by the water.

This is a different environment than the one I usually stay in. Outside the hotel is a golf course. Everything is very orderly, tidy and well arranged. You feel completely safe and barely see a glimpse of Portugal itself. This is a place for tourists, those who want to spend winter in the sun in a very comfortable way and for those who want to play golf 😉 You are somehow embedded in your own little world.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen much now, other than the taxi ride here from the flight and my little walk and the trip down to the marina.

What about job opportunities from here? There is excellent Wi-Fi in the hotel (approx. 15/15 Mbit/s, which is excellent enough for meetings etc.) and there is good mobile coverage everywhere when you walk around.

Today I’m going to work pool-side and was thinking of having a meeting from the balcony tonight.

This will be a week of sun and some rest too, not just work. 🙂