Internet access with eSIM

Ok. So right now I am exploring different options for getting a SIM-card in the different countries I plan to visit this winter. 

Since I have an iPhone I know that my phone has room for eight e-SIM-cards, where two of them can be active at the same time, and of course one physical SIM-card. I have removed my physical SIM-card though and plan on only using the Swedish eSIM while I travel (or rather I wont be using it at all). It leaves me with the possibility to use both eSIMs and one physical SIM-cards wherever I am, without worrying to lose my Swedish physical SIM-card (I’ll leave that at home).

Well. For my first destination (Sri Lanka) I am right now looking at Holafly, which has an option with unlimited data for 30 days for $69. Seems to be alright! The downside: I cannot use my phone as a hotspot with this option, I will have to see if that is possible with any option. Otherwise I have to work on my phone when I have no wifi. 

I will explore a bit more before I decide, but I have to have access since I’m depending on internet for my work. 🙂 

Link to Holafly.