Only one month to go - and some days 🙂

The preparations continues. 

I have bought more plane tickets, so now I have the tickets for Colombo, Sri Lanka, and then to Kerala, India. Then I’m going to Tenerife and I’ve bought those tickets too. And the tickets for the kids for Tenerife around Christmas. 🙂 It will be great to have a week with them there, before my friend comes down to New Years and before our Mastermind week in January. Read more about that week here.

Today I applied for VISA in Sri Lanka.

I have acquired a Revolut Mastercard too, they have no exchange fees nwither when you shop or when you use your card in stores or when you withdraw money from an ATM. I have A Klarna-card too, they also have no fees, and that’s a VISA card, so that’s great! 🙂

Next step is to look at insurance, think I have to wait for a week to go ahead with that, there is no time the next week. And then I can try to pack my backpack too… So looking forward to the trip!