Where do I need VISA's?

Right now I’am exploring in which countries I need Visa’s and maybe transfer VISA’s. Si I’m gonna share this information here, if anyone is interested and for myself πŸ™‚

London (transfer)

No VISA needed

Sri Lanka
VISA needed
30 day tourist VISA
Apply here
Cost: $50

VISA needed
e-tourist VISA 30 days
Apply here
Cost: approx. $27.50

Abu Dhabi (transfer)
Transfer VISA needed if you have a long transfer and want to explore the city, but I don’t so: Jay!

No VISA needed

No VISA needed (Jay!)

Madrid (probably transfer here)
No VISA needed

No VISA needed
You need to pay tourist tax before leaving the country; you can do that here.

Panama (transfer only)
No VISA needed

No VISA needed, but CheckMig, immigration registration form need to be completed 72-1 hours befor arrival.

ThatΒ΄s it. If my destinations change I have to re-check this, we’ll see.

(BTW! My VISA for Sri Lanka was approved! πŸ™‚ )