Leaving Sweden in one week

The dark, the cold and the snow are coming, so…. time to leave! At last. I checked today, I bought my ticket for Sri Lanka January 23rd. Nine months ago! And now I’m finally leaving in a week, on October 31st.

Been home from my summerjob in like 3,5 weeks and have a new gig now, so I’v e been busy with that and with packing, taking vaccines, checking flight tickets, bookings for accommodation, buying the last few things, getting the best credit card for traveling, checking insurances and so on. Now I just want to go! Longing for the sun, the food, the nature, the sea!

A friend of mine was in Barcelona for a weekend, and got robbed! Not a nice experience, and it got me thinking, so now I have installed a BankID on an iPad at home, just in case. And a friend has access to my apartment, so I will be able to access my stuff in case anything bad happens. I think not, but just in case…

I packed my backpack today and I have transfered money to my travelcards and I think I’m ready to go now… Just a few days left!

I hope you will follow me on my trip! 🙂 See ya!