Installing myself in Sri Lanka after a long trip

Ok, so now I’m here! Finally! The trip was smooth, but long. I’ll walk you through som thoughts.

Neck pillow for the plane. 
I bought this new kind of neck pillow, it’s like a plastic thingy covered in fleece and you are supposed to put it on your shoulder, tighten it around your neck and then be able to lean your head on it. Well. No. Not my thing. I will buy an ordinary neck pillow for the rest of my trip.

The best! When I arrived at the airport I had my eVisa, and I could fill out the arrival card online. I think I was one of the first to get through customs. Don’t forget the arrival card though! 

Dollars and rupees
The last day in Sweden I came to think of that I forgotten to get some dollars, and did that. So happy I did it, because then I only had to go to a money exchange when I arrived to get some rupees for my car ride and for my hostel. Maybe cash is king here?

I had booked a car ride with my host, from the airport, via WhatsApp before I arrived. So worth it! The whole experience of arriving was so smooth with the e-visa, electronic arrival card, money exchange and driver. The airport was ok too, not chaos-y like I thought.

First impressions
So I had a two hour ride by car to get here. That allowed me to see a bit of the nature here. Many rice fields, I had no idea, and many egret birds in the rice fields, had to google them. So green! Very beautiful! Several buddha statues and beautiful like temples or something.
They are driving on the left here! So…. Scared all the way. 🙂 

First food
Ok, so I´ve been warned to eat the salads and to drink the water, but I was so hungry when I arrived and ate grilled shrimps with rice and salad. And it seems it was ok.
And! I was welcomed with a king coconut, which apparently only grows in Sri Lanka and some small Indonesian islands. Jummy!

I bought this expensive waterbottle at home, that filters the water, so I’m drinking the tap water and it works fine. Highly recommended, since it’s a struggle to carry heavy waterbottles in the heat, from the supermarket.

I have like five minutes to a supermarket, Keells, and i went there this morning to buy som bread, cheese, yoghurt, mosquito killer thingy and more. It was a hot walk! 🙂 Saw some other europeans though.

First swim
So the size of the waves was ok today and i went for a swim in the Laccadive Sea. It was like 30 degrees celsius in the water and soooo nice. A wonderful beach right outside my room with almost no people. No snorkling with the waves today. 

The wi-fi works perfectly and after sleeping like 11-12 hours, I’ve been working today, on my porch with a view over the ocean. Works perfectly fine!

So happy that I bought an adapter in advance, I was to tired to find one yesterday. Worked fine with my Skross, they have type G here in my hostel.

So all in all: happy to be here! More adventures to come, but taking it slow for a couple of days, swimming, sleeping, eating and working. Staying here in Ambalangoda for two weeks, then on to Matara. Hope to see some turtles, rivers, elephants, leopards and birds!