Four weeks passed in a heartbeat

My time in Sri Lanka So… My first four weeks has passed.  I’ve been two weeks in Ambalangoda, where I stayed at Wallama Villa and two weeks in Mirissa, where I stayed at Mirissa Seastar. Today I am at Reef Bungalow hotel, somewhere between Negombo and Colombo. My plane for Kerala leaves early tomorrow morning. […]

And so it begins…

Installing myself in Sri Lanka after a long trip Ok, so now I’m here! Finally! The trip was smooth, but long. I’ll walk you through som thoughts. Neck pillow for the plane. I bought this new kind of neck pillow, it’s like a plastic thingy covered in fleece and you are supposed to put it on […]

One week to go

Leaving Sweden in one week The dark, the cold and the snow are coming, so…. time to leave! At last. I checked today, I bought my ticket for Sri Lanka January 23rd. Nine months ago! And now I’m finally leaving in a week, on October 31st. Been home from my summerjob in like 3,5 weeks […]

Packing list

Packing list So I started on my packinglist at last, and remembered the great tool Lighterpack, so I used that one… I think the list will be updated as I update it.


Where do I need VISA’s? Right now I’am exploring in which countries I need Visa’s and maybe transfer VISA’s. Si I’m gonna share this information here, if anyone is interested and for myself 🙂 London (transfer) No VISA needed Sri LankaVISA needed30 day tourist VISAApply hereCost: $50 IndiaVISA needede-tourist VISA 30 daysApply hereCost: approx. $27.50 […]

Preparations continues

Only one month to go – and some days 🙂 The preparations continues.  I have bought more plane tickets, so now I have the tickets for Colombo, Sri Lanka, and then to Kerala, India. Then I’m going to Tenerife and I’ve bought those tickets too. And the tickets for the kids for Tenerife around Christmas. […]